Martha Connerton/Kinetic Works Receives 2020 ASC Operating Support

After many year of applying for an investment grant of Operating Support, we have finally

achieved the goal!!

At a time when the future of performing arts is most in jeopardy, the Arts and Science

Council of Charlotte Mecklenburg recognized that Kinetic Works has been providing

consistent quality programming for twenty years.  It was announced in mid-June that we 

have been welcomed into the group of Operating Support recipients.

With the receipt of our first investment grant of $8,200.00 we are able to develop plans for

virtual programming throughout the 2020-21 season.

Our education programs are all all going online with KINETYX Performances and KINETIKids Residencies made

available via ZOOM and YouTube.  If you would like to know how to bring a virtual program to your school

please see our menu item for Programs for Schools at

In lieu of live concert performances are revealing a new series: Kinetic Works Virtually Yours; Archival Classics.

This series digs into the archives of productions we have created and produced over the past years, as 

recently as 2019 and going back as far as 15-20 years.

Beginning in August 2020 we will post one performance each month, available on YouTube for eight days.   We hope that you will check out the calendar in the Events menu at  

Please consider a donation of $5.00 or more as you Ticket to the Show!!

Stay tuned for more news at we navigate through the COVID pandemic.  

Be safe and enjoy time with your friends and family.