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Simon and the Snowy Road

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A DanceAlong Book and Companion Video

by Martha Connerton


Book: Take a daydream journey through the Middle of Nowhere as a young boy encounters several tricksters before he finds someone he can trust to lead him back home.

Video: A cast of students demonstrates creative movement ideas as they dance along with the story, promoting active learning and listening.

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Books and Videos
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KINETYX Dance Ensemble
Active Learning Performances
DVDS of our award-winning educational shows.
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"Science in Motion"
"Movin' Into Math" Part I
"Movin' Into Math" Part II
"Around the World in 60 Minutes"


Creative Movement Workbook

Active learning activities for

Pre-K through First Grade


Promote kinesthetic awareness while learning social skills, motor skills, patterning, sequencing, directions/positions, natural phenomena, action and describing words, shapes, animals, numbers and more.

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