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Kinetic Works Choreographers Residency Project


Martha Connerton/Kinetic Works is accepting Application Proposals for the 2024/25 Choreographers Residency Project.  



The vision for the Choreographers Residency Project is to create a cohort or “college” of choreographers who will work together for the year, offering peer mentorship and feedback, sharing best practices and information and helping each other to become better at our craft and also better at the business of being a working choreographer.



Kinetic Works will select four choreographers to receive up to 40 hours of rehearsal time in our studio in one of two sessions, July-October 2024 or January-May of 2025. Note: Most artists have rehearsed on weekends or a weeknight over a period of 3-4 months.  If you live outside of Charlotte this may be a good option, but you can choose to work in a consolidated block of consecutive days/weeks.


Dancers may be invited by you to participate in your work and/or we will schedule an open audition before each session for you to choose dancers.  There must be at least 6 or more performers in your work but they do not all have to be dancers. You can perform in your own work and are also welcome to audition for other resident choreographers works.  You may have live musicians, actors, narrator or other performers but we want the works to be substantial in nature, not solos, duets or trios.  


We will provide each choreographer with a $4500 production stipend to be paid in two parts, halfway through the residency and after completion of the final showing.  Please note that the stipend is not a commission fee, it is for you to use in the production of your work for any of the following or other uses you may have:  Dancer pay, costuming, props or staging items, technology or special lighting needs.  You may conduct fund raising activities to add to the above stipend as you wish. Kinetic Works is not responsible for managing the funds for you.


You are responsible for managing your rehearsal schedules in keeping with studio availability. Booking the studio in advance is crucial as we have other renters. 


All performers must be paid.  You are responsible for setting the amount/rate with members of your group.  Rehearsal times and payment must be stated in any audition notices so dancers know beforehand what the commitment is.


Kinetic Works will rent Open Door Studios for a public showing of works in September or October of 2024 and late April or May 2025.   We will create marketing materials in physical and virtual form that choreographers can use to promote the performances. All choreographers and performers are required to be part of the marketing and promotional efforts. 


Open Door Studios has limited stage lighting.  Any special lighting effects or technology you require must be provided at your expense, out of your stipend or other funds. 


Kinetic works will provide each choreographer with a professionally filmed video of their work.  We will arrange for a dress rehearsal without audience for the filming with two takes if possible for wide and close range shots.  We can edit the footage for you or give you the raw footage to edit yourself.


We will schedule at least two open rehearsals during each session for all of the choreographers to gather to view work in progress and provide constructive observations to each other.  If you are in the fall session you will be required to attend showings and group discussions for the spring session even though your work is completed.  If you are in the spring session you will be required to attend showings and group discussions for the fall session even though you have not started your work yet.


Each choreographer will be required to teach 3 outreach classes or workshops, scheduled by Kinetic Works, as part of your residency.  These will take place at area colleges and universities.   We will work together to develop the content of your workshops.  This is required by our funders.  There will be no additional compensation for these workshops, they are part of your residency commitments.


We will schedule regular zoom meet ups for the choreographers to discuss their progress or any related issues they would like to discuss.


The application deadline is January 15, 2024 at 5PM.  

Notification will be sent by February 17 , 2024.


Choreographers seeking to apply are asked to send a proposal for the concept and scope of work.   It must be a group work with no less than 6 dancers/performers. The length of the work must be at least 15 minutes and no more than 25 minutes.  Performers must be paid for rehearsals and performances at the choreographers discretion.  Kinetic Works will not pay the artists, you must make your own agreement with them.


We are seeking works that have a conceptual aspect.  Consider possibilities including interdisciplinary, collaboration with composers/musicians, visual artists, writers, partnerships with community organizations or agencies.  All styles of concert dance will be considered including ballet, contemporary, modern, jazz, hip-hop influenced and other ethnic influenced dance forms.  Competition dance routines and commercial entertainment styles will not be considered.   


Artists of all gender identities, ethnicities and age ranges will be considered.   You must be a professional choreographer with at least five years of self-production or concert format production experience.  Recent college, university or academy graduates with no professional choreography credentials will not be considered.


To apply please prepare:

A Concept of Work Proposal as described above.

Your professional resume and bio.

Video links to at least three complete works of 10-20 minutes length.

2 Photos of yourself and 2 photos of your work in performance.


Send the above to Martha Connerton/Kinetic works at:

Dancer Auditions For Spring 2024

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