Virtual Performances !!!
Give yourselves and your students a break from their books.  You can enhance your educational goals in Math, Science, Language Arts and Multicultural Studies with an Active Learning Performance by
KINETYX Dance Ensemble
or you can choose from our
Virtually Yours Online Performance Series.

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Education programs video showcase

See below for information about the content of the above programs.
The fee for these is a fraction of the cost of a live performance.  
For only $500 your school will receive a video link to one of the performances below.
YouTube link is active for one month so you can share with the whole school. 
Use it multiple times with all your classes for a period of one month. 
Included is a packet of lesson plans and educational materials to use in the classroom.  
We will send these via email to your arts program coordinator.
KINETYX Dance Ensemble - Active Learning Performances

KINETYX is a four-member ensemble that links dance to Math, Science, Language Arts and Social Studies. Active Learning Performances include choreographic works and  audience participation activities bring the performance directly into students lives.  


A one-hour assembly performance that demonstrates how we use math skills to create and perform dances, including lessons on geometric transformations, patterns and sequences, diagrams and directional and positional skills.

This option can be applicable to grades K-8. 


A one-hour assembly performance that demonstrates how the laws of physics and body mechanics apply to dance, how ecosystems and life cycles work. 

This option can be applicable for all grades K-12.


A whirlwind trip to four continents includes choreographic works that take you and your students on a voyage through a Native American Village, a Chinese Folk Tale, an African Village and Safari, and to an Argentine Dance Hall for a rousing Tango.

This option is most applicable for grades K-5.


Join us for reading hour as we tell stories through dance.  Selections include, Dreamcatcher, a Dr. Suess classic and Lao Lao of Dragon Mountain a contemporary Chinese folk tale.

This option is most applicable to grades K-5


Applicable to all grades K-12

The Seasons Ballet

Join us for a whirlwind trip through the four seasons!  This colorful production features

a cast of 8 professional ballet dancers and 16 youth performers from ages 6-18.  Beautiful costumes, puppetry, and a video backdrop all add to the festive atmosphere.  


When you order this show you will receive a packet of lesson plans and other educational materials that link the ballet to Science curriculum for grades K-12.

Beat Box Ballet!

A meeting of two worlds in this contemporary ballet created by Martha Connerton for Charlotte Ballet 2.  The cast of 8 ballet dancers performs to the music of Beat Box saxophonist Derek Brown.  High energy and great fun.  Give your students a dance break!!!!

Ballet Demonstration

Several talented young dancers join Ms. Connerton in her studio for a ballet class.  

We show the basics of ballet technique at the barre and center floor.  

Each student performs a solo variation from a classical ballet.