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KINETICWorkshops for Teachers


Don’t forget to plan some fun time for your teachers!


Our KINETIC WORKShops for Teachers are fun-filled, hands on In-Services that teach teachers to teach through movement using kinesthetic intelligence as the basis for experiential learning. Focus can be on the curriculum area of your choice, Math, Science, Language Arts, Multicultural.


We will provide your teachers with specially designed activities that center around learning goals from the Standard Course of Study. Teachers will also develop skills in designing their own activities.


Prior to a KINETYX performance or a KINETIKids residency you may wish to engage your teachers in an in-service to help them prepare themselves and students for our arrival. Or you may simply wish to provide your teachers with new skills to incorporate kinesthetic teaching methods in the classroom.


Either way a KINETICWORKShop for teachers will be an unforgettable rewarding experience!


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