KINETIKids Artist Residencies 


Intensify your students learning experience by having a KINETIKids Artist Residency at your school. Residencies are for schools who wish to deepen the connections between academic and arts curriculum by having an artist in residence for a week or more. A KINETIKids experience includes planning with a school team of teachers to establish learning objectives, classroom sessions with students and follow up activities. If requested these can be directly connected to a performance by KINETYX Dance Ensemble.


Option 1
Custom Designed Residencies

Invite one of our artists to plan a unit of study with your teachers. Together we will design a residency around your learning goals and objectives in any subject area. Involve special area arts, foreign language, special ed, media and PE teachers in the process! Here are sample ideas from past residencies: -All About Weather Students learn about air pressure and moisture content as factors that determine weather conditions. They create simple movement studies and assignments that help them to physically understand why the wind blows, what a “front” is, different types of clouds and their associated weather conditions, they create snowstorms, tornadoes, and rainshadows. -Crouching Comma, Hidden Hyphen Help students to recognize and use punctuation marks appropriately by making movements and sounds to go with them. Then create dances to go with their poems, fairy tales, short stories, using the punctuation in their appropriate places. -3D Forms Help students to understand the concept of volume in geometric forms, identify and create cones, cylinders, spheres, rectangular prisms, pyramids etc. Beginning with two dimensional shapes that are familiar to them, we show how these shapes can combine and “inflate” to make 3 dimensional forms. (i.e.: a cylinder is a rectangle with round ends, a cone is a circle with a triangle on top of it.) We make a sequential dance that transforms from one to another. -Teaching Togetherness Students learn about working together by making movement compositions that show teamwork, unity, compassion, sharing, cooperation, and other “togetherness” words.


Option 2
The KINETYX Connection Residencies

Select a residency that coordinates and culminates with one of our Active Learning Performances. Classroom activities center around skills and themes in the performance you choose, either Math, Science, Language Arts or Multicultural.


Movin’ Into Math
We learn how dancers use math to create their choreography. Students make a dance that requires them to use numerical calculations (dividing into sets, combining in numbered groups), patterns and sequencing, geometric forms and transformations, and using diagrams to chart the dance on paper.


Objects in Motion 
Starting with several everyday objects we examine how their shape, material and size determine how these objects move. Students make movement studies to show the attributes of each object and they learn about Newton’s Laws of Motion.


Fairies and Folks 
Learn about story making and storytelling through movement. Students learn basic elements of stories (setting, time, characters, plot, theme). They model a well known fairy tale and learn to show these basic elements by using descriptive movement. Then they get down to the fun part of making up their own fairy tale using a democratic process of voting on each others ideas. Once they’ve created their tales they devise a movement play to tell it, using only their bodies to show characters, props and scenery.


Culture Club 
Contrast and compare activities we might see people doing in different cultures. Create group dances that demonstrate these likenesses and differences.


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