Fee Structure and Technical Requirements

Virtual Performances and Residencies 

$500 for one show, available to your school for one month

$500 for pre-recorded residencies, available to your school for one month.

Watch samplers for virtual programs:

Virtual Performance Showcase 



Math K-2 Residency Sampler 



Math 3-5 Residency Sampler



Science Residency  Sampler



Culture Club Sampler


Live Performances and Residencies

Due to COVID safety concerns, live programs may not be available for the 2021-22 school year.

KINETYX Dance Ensemble Active Learning Performances

A max audience of 350 is recommended
In Charlotte
1 show   $950
2 shows  $1550

Outside Charlotte
1 show:  $1150
2 shows:  $1850


KINETIKids Residencies
(4 classes/5 days or 5 classes/4 days)
In Charlotte:
1 week:  $950
1 day $350-500 (3-6 classes)

Outside Charlotte:
1 week  $1650
Add $250/week for 6 classes /day

The KINETYX Connection
(Recidency with KINETYX shows)
In Charlotte:
1 week w/ 1 show     $2500
1 week w/ 2 shows       $3000

Outside Charlotte:
1 week w/ 1 show:  $2500
1 week w/ 2 shows:  $3500

(lodging included)
2 hour   $550
4 hours $850

Technical Requirements

Performances:   Stage, Gym or Multipurpose room with at least 25'x25' space required.  Available working outlets.

School provides P/A system with 2 microphones (cordless preferred)

Residencies:  Designated classroom or area free of furniture.  No other activities or distractions may be going on in the space at the same time as dance sessions.  1 table, 2-3 chairs, working outlets, dry erase board or chart paper suppplied by school.